The White City Dancing School is a non-profit community group. To qualify as non-profit, our organization needs to follow guidelines. Following these provides us with opportunities to receive grants that help us improve our dancing school.

Our dancing school has a great group of volunteers. They work together with our instructors to provide "back-up" as well as handle finances, building maintenance, marketing etc.

If you have any questions or concerns that involve the studio, financial issues, events etc. please direct these to the below members. If you have issues with scheduling, your child's dance class, costumes, attire etc. these need to be directed strictly to your instructor. The committee will not know these answers, so please talk to your instructor.

  • Treasurer - Gina Loucks

  • Committee Officer - Brandy Brown

  • Secretary: Esther Vennard

Certain times of the year, recital, photo day etc. we require additional volunteers to help. If you are willing and interested to be apart of this list, please contact one of the above members. We will also be posting a sign-up sheet prior to these events; you can add your name then!

We thank you in advance for your participation and support.

Thank you,

White City Dancing School