About Us

What We Believe...

Dancing develops and builds confidence, self esteem, flexibility, coordination and dedication. Along with a lot of fun, students will be participating in classes with other students learning exciting routines to perform.
We believe that dance enriches lives through creativity and expression and we pride ourselves in providing and sharing the passion for dance with our students and families. We value respect, excellence and hard work from our students, incorporated with the belief that within each of us there lies potential for achieving our goals and surpassing our own expectations.

White City Dancing School participates in community events providing entertainment locally and host our annual Lights, Camera, Christmas Show & Bake Sale for our students, families and friends!

The White City Dancing School is proud to have been active in our community for over 40 years and look forward to many more years of dance.

Classes are offered in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, AcroDance, Musical Theatre, Pointe, Lyrical and Contemporary as well as an All Boys Hip Hop Crew instructed by Ryder Machel.

Your Commitment


A high level of commitment is mandatory for your child to obtain and stay "on top" of the class as a whole in progressing to its full potential! To attain this, it is required that all students attend classes faithfully, work to their full potential, respect others and most importantly, have FUN!

Students are placed in classes not according to age or grade in school but their level of dance. It is to the child's advantage and the class as a whole for each child to learn in a class in which they are challenged but not discouraged and struggling to keep up. Too often children miss the very important technical aspects of dance training when placed in a class that they are not suited too which in turn results in a child not enjoying their class. As well, there are students who may be of a certain age (younger than the average of the majority fo the class) but they accelerate, comprehend and advance their own personal level to that of an older class. Therefore, each individual student will be placed in classes determined by the instructor.


Students are asked to arrive for their class 10 minutes before their scheduled time. Parents please see that younger children use the washroom before class starts and stay in the lobby during the class if your child cannot use the washroom independently.

Classes should be attended regularly as every class missed will put the student behind the others. There wil be no refund if classes are missed. Please email if your child will be absent from class. If you child misses too many classes, the instructor will notify you to schedule a private class for your child. The level of commitment given by the class as a whole strongly affects their performance in competitions!

Dancing as a part of a competitive group requires commitment, dedication, practice and a lot of work. But the fun of competition and the experiences gained are well worth it.